GoLISMERO help you to map an web application, displaying as confortable format for security auditor and preparing them for intergrate with other web hacking tools as w3af, wfuzz, netcat, nikto, etc

Remember: To execute GoLismero you need python 2.7.X or above.


  • Map a web aplication.
  • Show all links and forms params as confortable format.
  • Save results with some formats: text, cvs, html, raw (for parsing with bash script) and wfuzz script.
  • Detect common vulnerabilites of web application.
  • Filter web information retaining only what is important.
  • Many other features you can find very useful.

The documentation is pending. At this moment, only getting started are available:

Thanks to:

WingIDE company and your software (the better python IDE!) that provide a license for create easly GoLimsero


  • Henri Salo: The most active Collaborator.

And, for contribute with ideas, to be beta testers and help improve Golismero: